Al Khiran, Kuwait
One of the first international projects by Alex Nerovnya Architecture - a rental villa in Sea City in Al Khiran, Kuwait. Sea City is a marvel of modern engineering, presenting developers with a series of artificial seawater channels inside of the mainland Kuwait. This project consists of two sibling villas on neighbouring land plots, combining modern exterior decor with a simple, container-based structure. Each villa uses a number of 20 and 40 foot container sections on the first floor with a reinforced concrete framework on the ground level. One of the challenges of this design was to provide beautiful views of the Sea City via a large glazing area and an acceptable level of privacy for the villa's guests.
156 m2
Each building plot in Enchanted Hill can be viewed as a separate truncated hilltop, for which it was necessary to come up with a laconic architectural form that would not only fit into the landscape itself, but also organically interact with other buildings along the road and did not get lost among them, did not seem like some single concept that was cloned throughout the 5 buildings. Due to the large amount of green space, we tried to visualize our designs as a series of hilltops within Enchanted Hill, each of which offering attractive views of the neighboring buildings.

One of the challenges in this project was the organization of zoning and the correct allocation of various structures on the already predefined building sites within Enchanted Hill. The development of each object began not only with the definition of its purpose, but also with its axial shape that would organically fit on a certain building site, its orientation relative to the surrounding landscape and the views that opened from this point.
An important aspect of a project like this is to keep the whole compound interconnected, to give purpose not only to individual structures, but to the entire network of buildings as a single unit.

The unique positioning of the Enchanted Hill provides its guests with stunning views in almost every direction — the Pacific Ocean to South-West, Beverly Hills and Century City to the South, LA Downtown to the East and a mountain range (not sure in which exact direction or how it is called). The circular/cylindrical shape of most structures proposed by our team reflects the openness and unity with the surrounding landscape. We love using architecture to interact with the natural environment. By utilizing glass walls, we are able to visually erase the separation between the indoors and the outdoors. One of the beautiful effects of this approach is that throughout the day, the mood and feeling of the interior changes drastically due to a massive role of natural light, penetrating through the glass.