Abu Dhabi, UAE
The Enchanted Hill Concept was done for Hilton&Hyland Company as a part of their presentation campaign for the Enchanted Hill property in Beverly Hills. This project was done completely along the lines of our philosophy of architectural ecological minimalism with maximum connection with the environment, landscape and greenery. The images show elements of architecture, which in themselves are an extension of the natural environment - roofs and terraces, populated by plants and lawns.
The design team was faced with the task of creating an atmosphere of a luxurious oasis both on the territory of the complex and inside each building. Gardens, laid out on the territory, seamlessly penetrate into the buildings and create a single space between the interior and the exterior. A fundamental moment in the development was the creation of the landscape, combining individual buildings into a single complex, the creation of a large number of shadow zones and promenade zones. An important point is the logical division of the territory into two sections – guest portion and family portion. This task was achieved thanks to a complex of ponds, fountains, green spaces and architectural lighting.

The structural system that underlies the implementation of the proposed architectural design is monolithic reinforced concrete structures. The buildings in the villa complex follow a single design code, which is based on light polished surfaces, tall panoramic windows, abundant green areas and various water spaces. Facade cladding mainly uses two types of marble panels, creating a contrasting solution. Due to the large area of the proposed glazing, it is necessary to provide an energy-efficient solution for thermal insulation of the interior of buildings in hot weather.

The main villa is designed in a modern minimalist style based on large geometric shapes and 90-degree angles. The main stylistic idea of the villa was the image of a building, carved from a solid block of marble. The main facade element of the villa is a second-level space of the main foyer. Structurally, the interior of the villa is divided into 3 zones.

The showroom and guest reception building was conceived as an entertainment complex that combines recreational facilities for residents and guests of the villa with a showroom for 12 owner's collectible cars. In order to achieve comfortable and unusual organization of space, it was decided to divide the space into 3 levels, where the lower and upper levels are offset from the main one.

The silhouette of the Majlis building echoes a similar solution implemented in the Showroom. It is a single level building with a massively tall ceiling that creates a sense of luxury and grandeur upon entry. The main hall of the Majlis is used to hold meetings with friends and small conferences and negotiations with business partners in a comfortable environment.
Two facilities of the villa complex – a guest accommodation building and a service building have been merged together and placed in an adjacent position to the Majlis. The guest accommodation portion is a two-level building, positioned towards the main alleyway of the villa. It includes two dedicated guest suites, one per each floor. Each suite can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people and provides a panoramic view of the villa complex, towards the left façade of the Showroom building.